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The Four Gospels:
Four Portraits of Christ


June 19-21, 2009

Celebration Center
Aliquippa, PA


In the National Portrait Gallery in London are two portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. In one of them she stands alone against a plain gray background, clad in a floor-length red robe, a serious expression on her face. The other portrait shows her sitting on a sofa in a richly appointed parlor, wearing a skirt and sweater, looking quite at ease. At her feet are her dogs. Family members, casually dressed, lounge or stand around in various relaxed attitudes. The monarch, the mother, the grandmother: quite recognizably the same person in different modes. This is what we have in the four gospels: quite recognizably the same Jesus, but in different presentations: The Good News told four times.

As do visual portrait painters, the gospel writers have, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, selected emphases, surroundings, demeanor, and events to show us Jesus: all of the portraits are true, but not identical, not copies. The result: a veritable treasure trove of encounters with Christ, the Messiah. We are so fortunate to have all four of them.

At this conference we will look at the particular structure, language, content and beauty of each gospel, so as to “see him more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly."

Speaker: The Rev. Ann Paton, Ph.D.
Ann Paton, retired after a long career teaching English Literature at Geneva College, is an Episcopal priest presently serving as liturgical assistant at the Church of the Ascension in Pittsburgh. She remains active in her retirement as teacher, preacher, retreat leader, spiritual director and frequently travels to England and Wales.

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