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2017 Annual Conference

Kingdom vs. Empire

June 16 - 18 2017

Celebration Center
Aliquippa, PA

Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of God on earth in His ministry, but without ending the kingdom of darkness. This means we live in a time when Kingdom and empire both exist on the earth in proximity to one another. How do we discern the difference between Kingdom and empire in our society, our neighborhoods, our churches, and our own hearts? And how do we resist using the tools of empire to bring about Kingdom ends? The subversion of the Kingdom is that it transforms empire by blessing those within it even while resisting it.

Begins with Evening Prayer, 5:30 pm on Friday. 1st session: 7:30 pm.
Ends with lunch on Sunday.

Speaker: Joel Repic
Joel Repic is pastor at Crestmont Alliance Church in Aliquippa, PA. In 2005, he founded Aliquippa Impact, a youth development organization fostering tangible hope for a purposeful future for young people in distressed neighborhoods. Joel has a bachelors degree in Biblical Studies from Toccoa Falls College, a master of arts degree in Urban Studies from Eastern University, and a master of arts in Biblical Studies from Alliance Theological Seminary. He and his family are proud to call Aliquippa home.

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