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Finding Balance

June 13-15, 2003

Community of Celebration, Aliquippa, PA

Welcome to a weekend of

  • Prayer

  • Work

  • Study

  • Recreation

“Prayer and work” is a Benedictine motto. Work of one sort or another occupies a large part of the normal day, and there should be a harmony between our prayer life and our work life: prayer is work and work is prayer.

Prayer is adoration of God, and Benedict exhorts his hearers to “devote yourself often to prayer.” The Community’s corporate prayer round includes the Daily Offices of Morning, Noonday, and Evening Prayer, and at times, Compline. Our principal celebration of the Eucharist is on Saturday.

Work together in common projects, such as meal preparation, tending the garden, and housekeeping, builds and sustains our common life.

Study for Benedict was chiefly a means for growth towards the love of God. It also contributes towards the growth and maturity of the personality, for in it not only the intellect and memory, but also the emotions are involved.

Recreation and relaxation is as necessary to maintaining health and energy as is food and drink. Times of regular, corporate recreation offers the opportunity to celebrate special events and have fun together.

Be refreshed with a balanced diet of prayer, work, study and recreation in the Benedictine style and rejoice with us in the completion of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit.


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