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Celtic Spirituality Conference

June 11-14, 1998

Gilmary Conference Center, Coraopolis, PA

Celtic spirituality opens our eyes to the presence of God in the ordinary things of life. Its prayers and songs reflect the worship of people who know that the world is aflame with God, who is to be encountered in the ordinary. This understanding is shared with Benedictine spirituality, but the expressions of the two traditions are very different.

This conference will explore the Celtic tradition, its roots, its historical expressions and its contemporary rediscovery. Join us as we immerse ourselves in our Celtic heritage, with its rich resources for parish and personal life today, and consider its interface with the Benedictine rhythm of life.

Presentations and workshops will include the historical background and myths of the Celtic people, stories of the early Celtic Christians, the biblical context of Celtic spirituality, Celtic art and music, and prayer in the Celtic tradition. By exploring the world in which Celtic spirituality emerged, we hope to find ways to translate that into our own lives as Christians who are living in very different circumstances.

1998 Conference Schedule

Session 1: Welcome / History of Celts
Session 2: God the Creator (St. Columba)
Session 3: The Cross of Christ (Hilda & St. Caedmon)
Session 4: Workshops
Session 5: Fun Night
Session 6: The Wild Goose Chase (St. Brendan)
Session 7: Companion Update
Session 8: Workshops
Session 9: Living in a World Aflame with God (St. Aidan)



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