What and who are Companions of Celebration?
Companions of Celebration are men, women, and even children, from every walk of life, who have a formal relationship with us for the purpose of mutual support in our life in Christ. Out of their knowledge and experience of our life, Companions answer God’s call to support Celebration’s ministry through prayer and gift. Companions model their lives on Celebration’s, as appropriate, and endeavor to be community builders in their local churches. As an aid to this, Companions accept the discipline of living by a simple Rule of Life.

What is a Rule of Life?
A Rule of Life is a means of strengthening our abiding in Christ by bringing rhythm, discipline, and order to our discipleship. The Rule helps Companions offer the whole of their life to God each day and remain open to God’s love and will for them.

What is the Companion’s Rule of Life?
The Rule for Companions is this (and bear in mind that a rule is not a law):

- Follow a discipline of daily prayer and Scripture reading, including, where possible, one of the Daily Offices.
- Pray daily for the ministry and welfare of the Community.
- Attend, when possible, Holy Eucharist at least once a week and on feast days, and make an annual retreat.
- Observe the evangelical virtues of poverty, chastity, and obedience by:
.......a) living simply with regards to material possessions;
.......b) pursuing purity of heart in all relationships;
.......c) taking baptismal and other sacramental vows with utmost seriousness.
- Support Celebration through gifts of time, talent, or financial resources.
- Participate actively in the life of a local church community.

For more information about becoming a Companion of Celebration, e-mail us, write to us, or call us: Celebration, P.O. Box 309 Aliquippa, PA 15001, 724-375-1510.


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